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Coconut Grove Sailing Club, January 2 - 7, 2024

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January 2 

Measurement & Registration

January 3

Measurement & Registration

Practice Race

Opening Ceremonies

January 4

Competitors' Meeting

Racing - 1200

January 5

Racing - 1200

January 6

Racing - 1200

January 7

Racing - 1200

No Warning Signal after 2:30 pm

Closing Ceremonies/ Prize Giving

* Full social activities schedule

coming soon & food will be served after racing each day.

How to Qualify ?

The Junior World Championship is open to sailors 21 years of age and under.  Competitors must not reach their 22nd birthday in the calendar year.  All sailors must be members of the Snipe Class.  Skippers and crews can be from different countries Each country has ten spots in the Championship with the host country having one additional spot.  The winning skipper from the previous Junior World Championship automatically receives a spot if they have not reached 22 years in 2024.  The Junior European Champion skipper and the top placing Junior skipper at the Western Hemisphere Championship also earn a spot.

Each country has their own qualification system for the Championship. If you are interested in participating, contact your country's National Secretary to learn how to qualify.  If you need a skipper or crew, there are experienced crews in the USA looking for skippers.  To find a teammate you can contact the championship organizers, your National Secretary or local fleet.



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Coming Soon
Coming Soon


Charter are available through the event organizers.  Miami has a large fleet of quality boats. The majority of the boats available will be DB Marine and Persson.  Some American built Jibe Techs, will be available and also a limited number of Lemaos and one Zeltic.

Charter fees will include insurance. 

Boats do NOT include sails.

Bring your own jib wire/cable del foque

You will want to know if your boat has a compass, the type of shroud/ovenque adjusters (Sta-master or pins). 


If you have a preference for equipment, we recommend that you bring your own main & jib sheets/escotas, shrouds/ovenques, and spreaders/crucetas.

See the links below (español & english) for the list of tools and supplies that you will want to bring.

Be courteous and return your charter boat with everything in place as you received it.  Remove measurement markings, remove bow and sponsor stickers, put lines back into place if you changed positions.

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Miami is a city of 1 million people in the State of Florida.  It is a safe city with many different neighborhoods, the most famous is South Beach.  

The racing will take place on Biscayne Bay, not the ocean.


The sailing club is located in Coconut Grove, a neighborhood on Biscayne Bay, five kilometers south of the city center.  Coconut Grove has many sailing clubs, shops, parks, restauramts, Airbnbs and hotels.  

If you are searching for hotels or apartments, other good neighborhoods are Brickell and Coral Gables.  These neighborhoods will require a car or an Uber to go to and from the club.  Uber rides  from these areas rides will cost $6 - $15 each way.  Keep in mind that Miami has a heavy amount of traffic in the mornigs, so travel time to the club wil be significantly increased during the week, the further you stay from the club.

The event organizers will have some accomodations available with local families and fleet members.  These ACCOMODATIONS  MUST BE REQUESTED WELL IN ADVANCE and may require teams to organize their own transportation to and from the club.  We will need to know competitors' ages, boys or girls, what langauges are spoken, and arrival dates.

Housing will be provided ONLY to competitors.  Competitors should NOT plan extended stays/free vacations with their host families before or after the Championship.  In most cases, housing will be provided from January 1 - 8.


Depending on traffic, Miami International Airport is a 15 - 25 minute drive to the Sailing Club and Fort Lauderdale International Airport is 30 - 50 minutes to the Sailing Club.


Ubers are very safe and are the easiest option to travel from both airports.  The majority of the drivers speak Spanish.  From the Miami airport, cost is $12 - $25 and from fort Lauderdale $40 - $60 . There is also a train called Brightline that connects Fort Lauderdale airport to downtown Miami.

For Uber, be sure to have the app downloaded on your phone BEFORE you arrive in the USA.  You will need the app linked to a credit card or Paypal to use Uber.

There will a limited numbers of airport pick-ups from the Miami airport organized by the regatta committee.  These picks will be at specific times and competitors must make a reservation for their regatta shuttle/pick-up no less than two weeks before the Championship.

Coconut Grove is a very walkable area.  The city of Miami also has "City Bikes" which are available to rent by the hour and half hour ($6 per half hour).  There are two bike rental stations near the Sailing Club.  We recommend that you download the Miami City Bikes App before you arrive in Miami.

The city also has a trolley network from Coconut Grove to the city center.  All the drivers speak Spanish.  There is also a metrorail that operates around the city center.

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Coconut Grove Sailing Club Miami Snipes
CGSC Miami Snipe Junior Worlds
Coconut grove
Coconut Groce Sailing Clib Miami Snipes
CGSC coconhut Grove Sailing Club Miami Snipes
Coconut Grove Sailing Club Snipe Junior Worlds 2024
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In January, the weather can be cold in Miami. The air temperature ranges from 11'C - 23'C.  The average temperature at night in Juanary is 15'C.  Biscayne Bay is very shallow, only 1 - 3 meters deep, so the water cools very quickly during a cold night.         You should pack neoprene, spraytops, regular lycras and thermal lyrcas, jackets for the evenings and also some summer clothes.


You will need UNIFORMS or clothes with your national flag or national colors for the opening and closing ceremonies.  The Opening Oeremony will be in the evening when it is cool, so it is best if your uniforms have long sleeves.

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The Snipe Junior World Championship was first organized by Italy in 1973.  The first Champions and winners of the Vieri Lasinio Di Castelvero Trophy were K. Sourtti & Juna Hyttinen from Finland. 


Since then, the event has been hosted by 13 different nations including Russia, Denmark, Japan, Sweden, Portugal, Canada, Uruguay, Finland, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and the United States.

The competitors' list is impressive with its number of Olympians, National Team members and Snipe World and Continental Champions.

Originally, the Championship was only open to two boats per nation, but was increased to 10 boats per nation before the Junior Worlds in Rio de Janiero in 2013.

Mario Tinocco (BRA) holds the record - one time World Champion as crew and two-times World Champion as skipper.

Five sailors have appeared on the podium twice, including Mafalda & Tomas Pires de Lima (POR), Raul de Valnezuela (ESP)  Andre Fonseca (BRA) and Horacio Carabelli (URU).

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Beneyto &
Del Castillo


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Junior World Champions

Snipe Class logo womens sipe coral.png
K. Suortti & Juna Hyttinen (FIN)
Heikki Haimakaimen & Timo Karlsson (FIN)
Torkel Bergstom & E. Assad (ARG)
United States
 Torben Grael & Eduardo Mascarenhas (BRA)
C Luis Martinez & Andres Longarela (ARG)
A Steve Bloemke & Gregg Morton (USA)
A Horacio Carabelli & Luis Chiaparro (URU)
Riva del Garda, Italy
Horacio Carabelli & Chris Schewe (URU) 
Tampa, USA
Kenichi Nakamura & Sinichi Murata (JPN)
Cartegena, Spain
Cristobal Saubidet & Andres Onis (ARG)
Motola, Sweden
Fernando Soler & Francisco Fraga (ESP)
Mikkabi, Japan
Luis Calabrese & Jorge Englehard
Mar Menor, Spain
Andre Fonseca & Pablo Furlan (BRA)
São Paulo, Brazil
Andre Fonseca & Roberto Paradeda (BRA)
Almería, Spain
Lucas Gomes & Marcos Montanaro (ARG)
Cleveland, USA
Raul de Valenzuela & Jose LaTorre (ESP)
Moscow, Russia
M. Anderson-Mitterling & Graham Biehl (USA)
Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Victor Demaison & Mario Tinocco (BRA)
San Remo, Italy
Mario Tinocco & Matheus Goncalves (BRA)
San Diego, USA
Mario Tinocco & Matheus Goncalves (BRA)
Rungsted, Denmark
Alvaro Martinez & G. Mauricio Utrera (ESP)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lucas Mesquita & Douglas Gomm (BRA)
Talamone, Italy
Antonio Lopez & Gregoria Belmonte (ESP)
A Coruña, Spain
Tiago Brito & Antonio Rosa (BRA)
Ilhabela, Brazil
Gustavo Abdulklech & Leonardo Motta (BRA)
Oporto, Portugal
Samuel Beneyto & Rafael del Castillo (ESP)
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