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Summer Clinic #3 is a Success

Things are different this year, not only is it a summer with COVID-19, but this year, it isn't stifling hot, and there's wind, and oddity for a Miami summer. The best place to be in on the water and some of the best people to be with are Snipe sailors, enjoying the open air and tranquility of our sport and Biscayne Bay.

This past Sunday, Charlie Bess and Kathleen Tocke ran a third successful summer clinic. This weekend attracted several new crews and all the participants were 30 years and younger, with 5 high school students getting into the boat for the first or second time. A breeze of 7 - 8 knots was perfect for learning, and since most of the sailors were on the small side, the lighter wind helped sell the boat.

Several sailors from the clinic will be coming back for more coaching and sailing in the coming week and are looking forward to joining the weekend fleet race.

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